BLES Box Airdrop II

Staking Rewards, Coming in Hot #NFT Airdrop

BLES Box Airdrop II

Staking Rewards Coming in Hot

Hey Degens,

It’s a volatile world out there. Hope that you are holding it down.

Whether you are having a great month, or, literally the worst month ever 🫠, here’s your chance to unbox dope digital collectibles, airdropped by Blind Boxes.

That’s right. It is time for the second edition of the BLESBox Airdrop, a game of chance where everyone wins.

TLDR: stake $BLES, get free #airdrops of NFTs, utility tokens, and more. 🤩

Sit back and watch digital gift boxes land in your wallet. And the best part, all you need to do is be staking in one of our 4 pools at the time of the snapshot.

Game Rules: BLES Box II

  • Snapshot: Feb 4, 2023 @23:59 GMT
  • Staking minimum: 6000 $BLES
  • Special Bonus: for the top 5% of wallets

Last month stakers received an airdrop of Space ID NFTs.

How to Stake $BLES

  1. Connect to our dApp ( on BSC
  2. Stake $BLES tokens (min 50 BUSD)
  3. Continue staking through the snapshot period
  4. That’s it. You’re now qualified for airdrops.

Ok! Now you are ready to claim your monthly airdrops. 🤩 Stake $BLES and level up within the #BLEScommunity. With every wallet that you stake, you qualify for airdrops of digital collectibles and rare authenticated items from emerging and established web 3 tech brands.

Let’s Go!

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified marketplace and launchpad for digital collectibles. Since 2021, our multi chain ecosystem has connected investors with disruptive web 3 projects across the Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain networks.

Through our decentralized app, savvy investors participate in initial launches and gamified drops from the industries leading metaverse, gaming, and collectibles brands.

$BLES is the ecosystem token for the Blind Boxes platform.

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