$BLES Token Metrics Explained

$BLES Token Metrics Explained

Blind Boxes is ready for take-off! The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is now just hours away and there have been various queries about our token offering. Our native governance token, $BLES is an important tool in establishing and growing our community.

If you have been following the pre-launch hype of Blind Boxes on our social channels, you’re aware that our project is reimagining how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are traded in the marketplace. With our mystery box mechanism, Blind Boxes offers growing exposure to talented creators across the globe, as well as a significantly enhanced discovery model for ardent collectors of rare, digital assets.

Furthermore, the platform is an alluring opportunity for curators — gallerists, talent agencies, event promoters, fashion labels and their likes to add another revenue stream by tokenizing their assets and bundling it to be sold as customized Blind Boxes collections.

A vital cog in the Blind Boxes ecosystem that empowers its community is the $BLES token. Engaging within the community is the best way to mint $BLES and more details on acquiring and utilizing the token can be found here.

We believe our dual listing on Uniswap and Pancakeswap will enable faster adoption of $BLES as Blind Boxes forge ahead with its robust offering in the NFT world.

Trading on the above DEX’s will be available in the following pairs:

Uniswap: BLES/ETH pair

Pancakeswap: BLES/BNB pair

$BLES Token Metrics

The chart below illustrates how the 100 million $BLES tokens are distributed among various stakeholders, as well as the capital raised at different milestones in our journey. It's worth highlighting that 2% of the total supply is set aside for centralized exchanges, while half is earmarked for our community to mint.

Our investors can only access a limited portion of their investment before launch. After that, a predetermined percentage will be gradually unlocked each month, vesting over an extended period. This structure underscores our investors' dedication and confidence in our project's success.

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About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes aspires to be the premier gamified aggregator marketplace for exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This platform amplifies the reach of digital artists, allowing them to bundle their creations with renowned creators, presenting it as a coveted collection rather than a lone NFT. For enthusiasts, these unique pieces come in the form of a thrilling mystery box, with its contents staying a secret until unveiled. In essence, Blind Boxes marries the creativity of digital artists, the excitement of a myster boxes, and the transparency of a blockchain.

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