UPDATE: BLAC AI AMA — Win Up to 35,000 $BLES

This Thursday we will broadcast an AMA with BLAC AI, the generative art platform. We’re offering a rewards pool of 35,000 $BLES to be split between the top 5 questions chosen by the BLAC AI team.

UPDATE: BLAC AI AMA — Win Up to 35,000 $BLES

As a decentralized launchpad for Web 3 projects, we live to bring our community bleeding-edge NFT projects. Enter Black Label Art Cult (BLAC), an AI-driven web 3 collective set to launch its genesis collection.

This Thursday at 22:00 EST we will broadcast a pre-recorded video and voice AMA with the generative art Web 3 platform BLAC. The event will feature direct responses to the many questions received via Twitter, Tik Tok, and Telegram.

As noted in our last post, we’re offering a rewards pool of 35,000 $BLES to be split between the top 5 questions chosen by the BLAC AI team.

BLAC Roadmap

Contest Rules

  • Follow Blind Boxes on Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Tik Tok
  • Follow BLAC AI on Twitter and Discord
  • Submit questions for the AMA via comments or Tweets on Telegram, Tik Tok or Discord
  • Only one reward bag will be airdropped per individual
  • Use hashtags: $BLES, #BLESAMA, #AIart
BLAC x Blind Boxes1000s series

About Black Label Art Cult

Black Label Art Cult strives to define the emerging art culture of the WEB3 world via unique art, creative communities, and investment opportunities to drive global awareness toward the value of producing unique artistic experiences. With this initial launch of 10 Unique sets of 1,000 editions, BLAC will begin the growth needed to launch new project initiatives and fulfill its goal of creating a new era of artist-centric experiences.

Official Links: Website | Twitter


Get answers here — on Telegram or here — on Twitter.

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