3 Companies building fashion brands in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is expanding. The non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, which has been dominated by art, is now drawing in the fashion…

3 Companies building fashion brands in the Metaverse

The Metaverse is expanding. The non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem, which has been dominated by art, is now drawing in the fashion industry. Web 3.0 has ushered in a new phase that top designers and niche brands are leveraging to conquer fashion’s next frontier.

‘Digital fashion’ isn’t a mere buzzword anymore, but a trend that’s backed by serious capital and innovation. Here are 3 digital-first companies building fashion brands in the Metaverse:

The Fabricant:

Caption: $9500 The world’s 1st digital-only dress on the blockchain sold for $9500

A digital fashion house that operates at the intersection of fashion and technology. The company creates digital couture or digital-only fashion that can be used and traded in a virtual reality enabled world. Their team of creative technologists envisions a future where fashion transcends the physical body. The Fabricant designed ‘Iridescence’ — the world’s first digital-only dress, that sold for USD 9500 and truly lives on a blockchain as a coveted digital collectible. The company is reimagining fashion, as they add layered NFTs and Augmented Reality (AR) filters to their forthcoming collections.

Know more about The Fabricant:

Website: https://www.thefabricant.com/

Instagram: @the_fab_ric_ant

Twitter: @the_fab_ric_ant


Pronounced ‘artifact’ and considered a front runner in the world of NFT fashion, RTFKT is emerging as a dominant player in the digital sneaker space. Born in the Metaverse at the onset of the Covid era, the company raked in over $3 million in under 7 minutes during a digital sneaker sale in February 2021.

The company has forged a key partnership with the likes of Snapchat, which allows users to ‘wear’ digital sneakers via the app’s filters, as well as a collaboration with Jeff Staple, designer of the acclaimed Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Pigeon’ to create limited edition NFTs called METAPIGEON K-MINUS and METAPIGEON M that grant access to purchasers to a physical pair, as well as a virtual pair that can be worn in blockchain gaming worlds like Decentraland.

Know more about RTFKT:

Website: https://rtfkt.com/

Instagram: @rtfktstudios

Twitter: @RTFKTstudios

Dress X

With a strong emphasis on sustainability and responsible fashion, Dress X’s message is clear. The fashion world needs to produce less or perhaps not produce at all. Some clothes are just fine being produced in a digital version. The company works closely with a roster of talented designers from across the globe to produce digital attire. Customers log on to the website, pick an outfit from Dress X’s enviable catalog and upload a picture of themselves. Within 2 days, Dress X sends an email to the customer with their image wearing the piece of clothing, which is ready to be shared online.

Know more about Dress X:

Website: https://dressx.com/

Instagram: @dressX

Twitter: @dressxcom

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