$BLES Token Metrics Explained

Blind Boxes is ready for take-off! The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is now just hours away and there have been various queries about our…

$BLES Token Metrics Explained

Blind Boxes is ready for take-off! The Initial DEX Offering (IDO) is now just hours away and there have been various queries about our token offering. Our native governance token, $BLES is an important tool in establishing and growing our community.

If you have been following the pre-launch hype of Blind Boxes on our social channels, you’re aware that our project is reimagining how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are traded in the marketplace. With our mystery box mechanism, Blind Boxes offers growing exposure to talented creators across the globe, as well as a significantly enhanced discovery model for ardent collectors of rare, digital assets.

Furthermore, the platform is an alluring opportunity for curators — gallerists, talent agencies, event promoters, fashion labels and their likes to add another revenue stream by tokenizing their assets and bundling it to be sold as customized Blind Boxes collections.

A vital cog in the Blind Boxes ecosystem that empowers its community is the $BLES token. Engaging within the community is the best way to mint $BLES and more details on acquiring and utilizing the token can be found here.

We believe our dual listing on Uniswap and Pancakeswap will enable faster adoption of $BLES as Blind Boxes forge ahead with its robust offering in the NFT world.

Trading on the above DEX’s will be available in the following pairs:

Uniswap: BLES/ETH pair

Pancakeswap: BLES/BNB pair

$BLES Token Metrics

The chart below clearly shows the distribution of the 100 million $BLES tokens amongst various stakeholders along with details of capital raised at various stages of our journey.

An important point to note here is that 2% of the total supply is reserved for centralised exchanges while 50% is reserved for our community to mint.

Additionally our investors are only able to unlock a small percentage of value prior to launch, while a pre-decided percentage of their investments will be unlocked subsequently every month and will vest over a period of time. This also shows the deep commitment of our investors and their strong belief in the success of our project.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes aims to be the world’s first gamified aggregator marketplace for limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform offers increased exposure to digital talent, empowering them to package their works with accomplished creators as part of an enviable collection instead of selling it as a single, stand-alone NFT. For collectors, these rare works are accessible in the form of an exciting mystery box — the exact contents of which remain undisclosed until the time they’re unveiled. Thus Blind Boxes combines the ingenuity of a digital creator, with the thrill of a mystery box, and the transparency of a blockchain.

For all recent announcements and updates, connect with Blind Boxes at:

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