Collector’s spotlight: 4017III

Blind Boxes is thrilled to announce multidisciplinary artist Ivan Ceron a.k.a. 4017lll as a featured collector and curator of the platform…

Collector’s spotlight: 4017III

Blind Boxes is thrilled to announce multidisciplinary artist Ivan Ceron a.k.a. 4017lll as a featured collector and curator of the platform. Ivan has carved his niche in production design and has spent the last decade producing high profile events in the entertainment industry.

Ivan will be curating a collection of exclusive, never seen before art from the acclaimed, animated, science fiction series, Rick and Morty, in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Blind Boxes Marketplace.

The back story and setting

Serendipity is a wonderful thing and Ivan’s story on how he got his hands on these rare works is as interesting as the art itself.

Around the year 2015, Ivan was working as a Production Manager for renowned video game programmer and designer, Markus Perrson a.k.a. Notch, best known for creating the sandbox video game Minecraft.

As one of his key team members, Ivan worked on numerous private events, one of which happened to be Notch’s birthday — a star-studded affair comprising of a carefully curated roster of A-list celebrities held at the plush Archbishop’s Mansion in San Francisco.

One of the guests was writer, animator, producer and director as well as co-creator of Rick and Morty, Justin Roiland. As the buoyant evening wound down and the crowd began thinning, Justin insisted on continuing the revelry, and sportingly offered to ‘earn’ his drinks from the working crew. A few minutes later, much to the amazement of the group, he had drawn an array of Rick and Morty sketches on the back of the custom printed menus.

However, no one was as impressed as Ivan, a doodler himself, and an avid fan of Rick and Morty, as well as the show’s creator. In a gesture of gratitude, Justin signed and gifted these art pieces to a thrilled Ivan.

Ivan also managed to catch the last few moments with the star guest on camera — a 360 degree video of himself sitting on the front porch of Archbishop’s Mansion with Justin Roiland, who eventually gave in to his girlfriend’s exasperation and was dragged away, as the gracious host, Notch closed out his birthday.

The proceeds from the sale of these NFTs will be split between the collector Ivan Ceron and the creator Justin Roiland, with a significant portion being allocated towards a mission driven cause.

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