“El Mítico” an Influencer NFT Collab by Itsvolpart

Today we are delighted to announce El Mítico, a collab between one of our in-house artists and an outspoken Argentinian influencer.

“El Mítico” an Influencer NFT Collab by Itsvolpart

“El Mítico” an Influencer NFT Collaboration from Itsvolpart

Today we are delighted to announce El Mítico, a collaboration between one of our in-house artists and an Argentinian influencer. This highly limited edition NFT collection from ItsVolpart was developed in collaboration with El Mitico Nico Rosso, a rising libertarian personality whose brand embodies the spirit of free-market dynamics.

El Mitico is a highly active figure with 80,000+ of followers on Tik Tok, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and Youtube.

About El Mítico, the Man

El Mítico is an icon of freedom, expression, and individualism who declared that he would be president of his own country in 2045. His individuality has been one of his greatest strengths over the years and it has led him to become a local legend. This fiery, oftentimes polarizing media personality breaks all traditional molds and marches to the beat of his own drum. He is an avid Youtuber and Twitter influencer with thousands of engaged followers.

About the collection

After selling out numerous NFT collections on Blind Boxes, ItsVolpart has returned to launch El Mítico, a limited edition NFT art collection centered on this mysterious leader who many have come to know as The Ultimate Man.

The collection gives people from all over the world the opportunity to own a piece of El Mítico for themselves. Not only are these beautiful pieces of art, but you can also have one on display and show off your individuality at the same time.

The collection consists of three pieces, each representing an important figure in the world of libertarianism. Pieces in the collection include “El Mítico Fundador”, “El Mítico Evasor”, and “El Mítico Liberal”. Each piece is a limited edition, with only one of each available.

Mitico Liberal (Libertarian), 2000 $BLES
Mitico Liberal (Libertarian) — the representation of freedom, private property and competition. May the owner of this NFT always have success and abundance in life and business.

The Artist

The artist behind the El Mítico collection is Alan Volper, a young Argentine with a passion for art and crypto. The artwork features a mix of traditional and digital art, with ItsVolpart using both mediums to create pieces that are both aesthetic and thought-provoking. The combination of traditional and digital art is a perfect fit for the NFT world, which is constantly blending the old and the new.

Mitico Fundador — (Founder), 2000 $BLES
Mitico Fundador — (Founder) is the first piece that will be revalued as the character grows in society. May the owner of this NFT always enjoy beauty and superiority in Life.
Mitico Evasor — (Tax Evader), 2000 $BLES
Mitico Evasor — (Tax Evader) is a representation of freedom. May the owner of this NFT always live outside the control of the estate.


The El Mítico collection has an approachable entry price that leaves ample room for price appreciation. Each piece is 2000 $BLES (~200 USD). With only each available, collectors will need to act fast if they want to add one of these pieces to their collection.

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