Eva Milkaa and Lumi drop their ‘Gods + Graves’ NFT collection on the Blind Boxes Marketplace

Coming off his first sold out Blind Boxes collection, Eva Milkaa teams up with 3D Artist Lumi to drop ‘Gods + Graves’ which is composed of…

Eva Milkaa and Lumi drop their ‘Gods + Graves’ NFT collection on the Blind Boxes Marketplace

Coming off his first sold out Blind Boxes collection, Eva Milkaa teams up with 3D Artist Lumi to drop ‘Gods + Graves’ which is composed of 13 limited edition Blind Boxes in the collection. Collectors will be able to view the entire collection before purchase. Once the collection sells out, buyers will be able to claim their mystery NFT randomized by the Blind Boxes algorithm.

Eva Milkaa is a Russian artist who started crafting his skills when he was a teenager. He began his career as an animator, sketching cartoons and performing voice overs for animated films. His artistic style includes imagery that often depicts posthuman dystopian figures illuminated by bold and whimsical color palettes, some which pay homage to vaporwave and cyberpunk themes. Geometric compositions and 3D lighting techniques in CGI add to the depth and complexity of his subjects in his renderings.




Learn more about Eva Milkaa:

Instagram: @eva_milkaa | Twitter @eva_milkaa | Website

Lumi is an artist with a natural flair whose sketches were first noticed by his high school art teacher, who inspired and encouraged him to pursue his craft beyond the classroom. He embarked upon his artistic journey by sketching simple human figures, and eventually evolved into creating multi layered characters which added a distinct narrative around his work.

“My collection is a part of an ongoing series I call ‘Mausoleum’ where I explore ideas around mortality and struggle, and evoke emotion from abstract, faceless, doll-like figures” — Lumi

His degree in Physics from High Point University in North Carolina took precedence over his art during his college years. It wasn’t until late 2019 that he was able to shift his focus back to his creative endeavours again. With the world in a state of flux in 2020, Lumi used the downtime well by smartly integrating his technical prowess in relativity and quantum mechanics into his art. By then, he had also matured as an artist and had started deploying the 3D software, Blender, thus adding more nuance and finesse to his finished works.

Following the popular adage ‘the journey is the destination’, Lumi continues to push the envelope with his techniques and has created several new pieces that will dazzle the Metaverse.

Lumi currently resides in Harrisonburg, Virginia in the United States.

Below are details of his exclusive NFT collection for Blind Boxes:

Fall: A character trying to grasp a golden ball just out of her reach, as her hand lays shattered by the futile attempt.

Loss Anxiety: This piece demonstrates the inevitable death of those closest to the artist, and the importance of treasuring our limited time on earth by treating everyone around us with love and compassion.

Mausoleum: Where astrophysics meets art. An abstract image of a star dancing through space.

Identity Crisis: A gallery rejection compelled Lumi to a path of self-reflection forcing him to look inward. This work of art is a brave attempt to inspire people to acknowledge their flaws in order to improve their lives.

Gloom: Originally meant to portray lighter, happier colours as a humorous take on a sombre topic, Lumi chose to revert to his original style of darker colours, while maintaining just a mere reflection of the cheery blue hues.

Bloom: Lumi draws parallels with his struggle to find artistic inspiration by showcasing a character reaching out to find a tiny, golden spec drifting through a beam of light.

Leap: A free flowing character infused with life and energy, set against a backdrop of unfamiliar dimensions — a nod to Lumi’s proficiency in relativity and quantum mechanics.

Existential Nightmare: Another magical piece of art where Lumi vividly captures the frustration of his rejections, and chooses to channelise the negative energy by focusing on improving his craft.

Tombstones: The creation showcases the eerie and petrifying environment of the Purgatory, where the character resides.

Unbound: This stunning work explores the artist’s frustration with a mundane life, and the struggle to build a distinct legacy to follow one’s dreams while escaping the monotonous, yet inevitable march towards death.

Visit the Blind Boxes Marketplace (beta) to discover Gods and Graves art and snag his collection before it’s sold out.

Learn more about Lumi: Instagram @luminary.phi | Twitter @LuminaryPhi | Website: lumi-phi.carrd.co

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