Get Minted Challenge: Ocean Protocol

Today we are thrilled to kick off an exciting opportunity for creators to showcase their work on a global stage. Blind Boxes is…

Get Minted Challenge: Ocean Protocol

Today we are thrilled to kick off an exciting opportunity for creators to showcase their work on a global stage. Blind Boxes is collaborating with leading blockchain project Ocean Protocol to kick off the Get Minted Challenge — Ocean Protocol Edition.

Here we invite creators to develop art, memes, and other creative assets inspired by Ocean Protocol, a highly coveted blockchain project that allows users to unlock the value of data.

Theme: Seas the Moment

The long-fabled city of Atlantis is ancient and mysterious. Using Ocean’s main brand assets, showcase an underwater cityscape fit for the 21st century that represents Ocean’s lively ecosystem. At the heart of the Ocean ecosystem is OceanDAO, a grants funding program powering the growth and sustainability of our community. Outfit your underwater community with data-generating IoT devices, smart technology, robotics.


Creators, it’s time to show the NFT community what you’ve got. There are no limits on your imagination. Submit original work (art, memes, 3D renders, video loops, VR and AR assets) centered on the theme: Seas the Moment. Art should incorporate elements of Ocean’s brand [found here], but it need not be restricted to this.

  • Creators will have 14 days to submit art
  • Submissions are made through Twitter by using #OceanBlindBoxes, #BLESgetminted,, and @oceanprotocol
  • Voting will be conducted on-chain via the Blind Boxes site
  • Voting rewards (BLES and OCEAN tokens) will be distributed to incentivize participation
  • Winners will have their work minted into NFTs and sold within Blind Boxes collections
  • 95% of proceeds from the collection sale will be distributed to creators


Voting will occur on the blockchain over the course of five days. Rewards in the form of BLES and OCEAN tokens will be distributed to:

  • Users that vote for the top 3 artworks that ultimately win the most votes
  • The creators of the top 3 artworks


Ocean Protocol Foundation will contribute 10,000 OCEAN to the pool for winners and voters.

  • First place — 3,000 OCEAN
  • Second place — 2,000 OCEAN
  • Third place — 1,000 OCEAN
  • Community Favorite (as determined by Twitter poll conducted by @oceanprotocol) — 500 OCEAN
  • Note — The winner of the Community Favorite cannot be one of the prize winners. The poll will be conducted on July 9th, once the prize winners are announced.

Each winner will also receive the direct proceeds from the sale of their artwork minted into an NFT. Winning entries will be minted through our partner Nifty Kit. Once minted these NFTs will automatically be included in the Get Minted: Ocean Protocol Edition Blind Box collection drop #BLESgetminted


Contest starts — June 17, 12:00 PM CEST

Submission period — Jun 17 — Jul 1, 11:59 PM CEST

Voting — Jul 1 — Jul 6, 11:59 PM CEST

Announcement of Winners — July 9, 12:00 PM CEST

Blind Boxes Collection Drop — July 10, 12:00 PM CEST

Contest Ends — July 15, 3:00 PM CEST

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified curation platform and launchpad for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This highly scalable dApp enables brands and creators to diversify their revenue streams, increase the liquidity of their creative assets, and to become leaders in decentralized global economies, while engaging fans and buyers to discover and collect rare, limited edition NFTs.

Via the Blind Boxes Marketplace, buyers get to experience the thrill of time-released white-labeled blind box series, where a collector can draw from and unlock sealed packages of exclusive items, curated by tastemakers across the arts, music, & entertainment sectors. Curation is at the core of our value proposition. The platform offers a commission structure that incentivizes independent contributors to produce bespoke blind box collections that feature top-tier talent and emerging artists and designers from around the world.

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About Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol’s mission is to kickstart a new Data Economy that reaches the world, giving power back to data owners and enabling people to capture value from data to better our world.

Data is a new asset class; Ocean Protocol unlocks its value. Data owners and consumers use the Ocean Market app to publish, discover, and consume data assets in a secure, privacy-preserving fashion.

Ocean datatokens turn data into data assets. This enables data wallets, data exchanges, and data co-ops by leveraging crypto wallets, exchanges, and other DeFi tools. Projects use Ocean libraries and OCEAN in their own apps to help drive the new Data Economy.

The Ocean token is used to stake on data, to govern Ocean Protocol’s community funding, and to buy & sell data. Its supply is disbursed over time to drive near-term growth and long-term sustainability. OCEAN is designed to increase with a rise in usage volume.

Visit to find out more.

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