Minting $BLES — the utility token powering the Blind Boxes community

Minting a token on a blockchain project is the crypto equivalent of buying / earning shares of a company. Tokenization of a project has…

Minting $BLES — the utility token powering the Blind Boxes community

Minting a token on a blockchain project is the crypto equivalent of buying / earning shares of a company. Tokenization of a project has several benefits, with raising the required funds for its optimal functioning being the primary one.

$BLES, the native token of Blind Boxes is designed to play multiple roles — seeking active participation by creators and collectors alike, as well as encouraging stakeholders to partake in its effective governance, thus creating a robust ecosystem of rare, digital collectibles.

In order to derive maximum benefit for the holders of $BLES, the Blind Boxes team has meticulously studied various token offering use cases in the decentralized finance (DeFi) world. Best practices from various DeFi projects will be incorporated in $BLES, ensuring the vibrancy and enhanced development of this distributed community.

Acquiring a $BLES token

Blind Boxes plans to conduct an initial token sale during which 2% of the total supply of 100 million will be made available to the public through exchanges. This allows the project to unlock the initial liquidity required for the successful launch of the NFT marketplace. Further details on our token sale are available on our social channels and can also be availed by signing up for our newsletter on the Blind Boxes’ website.

Earning a $BLES token

A thriving ecosystem is paramount to the success of Blind Boxes and hence 50% of the entire supply is reserved for the community and will be issued over a period of time. Indeed, the more one engages with the platform, the more opportunities one gets to mint $BLES.

At the onset, there are several ways to mint $BLES:

· Opening Blind Boxes: Every time a collector opens a mystery box, he/she is eligible to receive $BLES tokens.

· Selling NFTs: $BLES can also be minted by creators who choose to sell their NFTs via the Blind Boxes marketplace. The more they sell, the more tokens they’re eligible to earn.

· Receiving a Foundation Grant: Budding creators in the Blind Boxes ecosystem can apply for a foundation grant in the form of $BLES tokens to financially support their creative endeavors.

· Participation in Community Events: Blind Boxes will regularly host competitions, as well as offer promotions and launch various campaigns to elevate the community experience. Participation in these events by creators and collectors alike is encouraged, to receive $BLES in accordance with their level of engagement.

· Collaboration on Special Projects: The Blind Boxes team will often announce special projects in order to encourage the community to showcase their unique talents. Participants collaborating on these projects will be rewarded with $BLES.

$BLES as a Utility Token

Stakeholders who regularly interact with the Blind Boxes ecosystem get to decide how the platform evolves over time. This function will be established through a Blind Boxes DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) where $BLES will be used as a governance token. The DAO will enable token holders to shape numerous developments, vote on various proposals and facilitate improvements to the platform as well as its underlying protocol.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes aims to be the world’s first gamified aggregator marketplace for limited edition non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The platform offers increased exposure to digital talent, empowering them to package their works with accomplished creators as part of an enviable collection instead of selling it as a single, stand-alone NFT. For collectors, these rare works are accessible in the form of an exciting mystery box — the exact contents of which remain undisclosed until the time they’re unveiled. Thus Blind Boxes combines the ingenuity of a digital creator, with the thrill of a mystery box, and the transparency of a blockchain.

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