Moneybagg Yo to Release 2 NFT Drops on Blind Boxes

This month we are super pumped to welcome Billboard chart-topping rapper MoneyBagg Yo to Blind Boxes. The prolific entertainer will release…

Moneybagg Yo to Release 2 NFT Drops on Blind Boxes

This month we are super pumped to welcome Billboard chart-topping rapper MoneyBagg Yo to Blind Boxes. The prolific entertainer will release on our platform two NFT collections, loaded with real-world utility and designed to bring one-of-a-kind experiences to fans. Each NFT will feature music from the artist and is redeemable for physical items. To add to the hype, the ultra-rare NFTs will grant the token holder access to the rapper himself. How dope is that?


  • MoneyBagg Yo’s first official NFTs will Drop on Wednesday, March 16th on Blind Boxes and
  • The collection will be curated by and will feature digital art and music customized by the artist and bundled into NFTs
  • NFTs will be redeemable for a range of experiences, including access to the rapper
  • All NFTs are “smokeable” and can be redeemed for Midnight Patek cannabis products*
  • Ultra rare NFTs will unlock VIP, in-person access to the rapper

This exciting collaboration comes to us through our recent partnerships with sayBLOWE, an NFT ecosystem for hip-hop artists and culture.

Read more about the partnership between Blind Boxes and sayBLOWE here.

Moneybagg Yo: if you don’t know, now you know

Having been a prolific creator for over a decade, Moneybagg Yo (nee DeMario DeWayne White Jr) is no stranger to the limelight. His gritty, street-life-focused rhymes have garnered an avid and loyal following (7.8M followers on Instagram, 2M followers on Twitter). Monyebagg Yo has collaborated with some of the hottest names in hip-hop, including Yo Gotti and Lil Baby. In 2021 Moneybagg released his first number-one project A Gangsta’s Pain, featuring Kaash Paige, Future, Jhené Aiko, Pharrell Williams, and others.

Moneybagg Yo follows in the footsteps of other successful creators who have released gamified collections with Blind Boxes. There will be two separate drops on Blind Boxes in March.

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The Collection: Smokeable NFTs

Did you say ‘smokable NFTs’?

You’ve heard about burning NFTs. Now is your chance to smoke an NFT. Outside of music, MoneyBagg Yo has become a trendsetter and influencer within the legal cannabis space. Having engaged in several industry collaborations over the past two years, the Memphis rap icon is well-positioned to release this limited edition collection of NFTs that have unique (think: smokable) utility well beyond their aesthetics.

For example, 100% of the NFTs sold through this drop will be redeemable, in the state of California, for Midnight Patek vape cartridges and cannabis flower from Soul Creations Management (SCM). As NFTs move into the mainstream, SCM is paving the way, creating the blueprint for legal cannabis brands leveraging NFT technology.

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Hella Rare NFTs = VIP Meet + Greet with Moneybagg Yo IRL

On top of the smokeable utility for all rarities of NFTs in this collection, there will be a select tier of Rare and Hella Rare tokens which give access to the celebrity himself. Since all tokens will be sold at the same price (as per Blind Boxes gamified loot box model) this is a chance for you to get significantly more than you pay for.

Read more about Blind Boxes’ unique selling model here.

‘Hella Rare’ scarcity level NFTs act as a VIP ticket at an exclusive meet and greet event with Moneybagg Yo in the Los Angeles area. Location, date, and time will only be announced only to the NFT holders.

Everything you need to know for the Genesis Drops

Here’s what you need to know to take part in the Monybagg Yo genesis drop:

Date: Wednesday March 17th @ 01:00 UTC (March 16th @ 21:00 EST)

Location: Blind Boxes and sayBLOWE

Blockchain: Polygon

Quantity: 250 NFTs on Blind Boxes and 1,750 on sayBLOWE


  • Audio ‘Midnight Patek’ by Moneybagg Yo
  • Animated visual art by Henric Aryee @henricaryee
  • 3 variations
  • Redeemable for physical products

Utility and details:

All levels

  • Quantity: 10,000
  • Rare utility: all NFTs are redeemable for Moneybagg Yo x SCM — ‘Midnight Patek’ Cannabis bundle (1/8th of flower and 1 gram of Liquid Diamonds oil)


  • Quantity: 4,800
  • Price: $199 (priced in BLES or stablecoin)
  • Rare utility (see above)

Ultra Rare

  • Quantity: 4,800
  • Price: $349 (priced in BLES or stablecoin)
  • Basic utility plus NFT holders will be airdropped a 1-year sayBLOWE VIP NFT with separate utility. sayBLOWE VIP NFT holders receive whitelisting to all future sayBLOWE drops and 4 exclusive airdrops per year

Hella Rare

  • Quantity: 400
  • Price: $499 (priced in BLES or stablecoin)
  • Ultra Rare utility plus: each NFT acts as a VIP pass to Live Meet and Greet w/Moneybagg Yo. Secret date and location released to NFT holders only.

Physical item redeem restrictions:

Redeemer must be:

  • 21 years of age
  • California Resident
  • Must be able to physically redeem in the greater Los Angeles area

The 8,000 remaining NFTs will drop on March 23, 2022 on both platforms

What you need to do now…

  1. Sign-up for the whitelist here to join the Blind Boxes sale and qualify for early access and special pricing.

For more information visit the Blind Boxes Telegram channel where our managers are available 24/7 to answer questions

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