New $BLES Listing: Blind Boxes Partners with NoahSwap

This alliance brings a new $BLES listing, significantly boosting our tokens utility.

New $BLES Listing: Blind Boxes Partners with NoahSwap

Big news! Blind Boxes has teamed up with NoahSwap, the world's first crypto asset compounding platform. This partnership comes with a new exchange listing that will boost the utility of $BLES. This isn't just any collaboration. It's a serious power-up that adds specific utility to the $BLES token.

πŸš€ Stake $BLES + $USDT to mint $NUSD. Start here!

Stake $BLES, earn $NUSD with daily vesting

The joint venture between Blind Boxes and NoahSwap introduces new ways to earn passive returns. Now, you can stake $BLES plus $USDT to mint $NUSD, NoahSwap's native stablecoin. Moreover, your wallet will earn $NUSD that is vested daily. In effect your tokens will be working around the clock to secure passive returns.

πŸš€ Stake $BLES + $USDT to mint $NUSD. Start here!

 β€œThanks to our alliance with NoahSwap, you can now mint their stablecoin $NUSD using $BLES. This minting process empowers $BLES holders with a daily vested stable return, embedding a new layer of utility within the $BLES ecosystem.” – Anita Angelica Moore, CEO of Blind Boxes

Passive returns meets exit liquidity

Minting $NUSD with $BLES and USDT provides token holders a stable method of return. Governed by NoahSwap's token-to-USDT ratio, this initiative allows investors to smoothly navigate market volatility.

NoahSwap also introduces a novel approach to exit liquidity, wherein $BLES holders can transfer their $BLES tokens to NoahSwap to minto $NUSD. This process promotes a healthier token ecosystem and enhances $BLES's intrinsic value.

πŸš€ Stake $BLES + $USDT to mint $NUSD. Start here!

Use $BLES to mint $NUSD on NoahSwap

NoahSwap is the first platform dedicated to crypto asset compounding. Its permissionless protocol allows for the mitigation of investment losses and the possibility of gain through the minting of $NUSD.

πŸš€ Stake $BLES + $USDT to mint $NUSD. Start here!

  1. Minting generates new tokens by depositing collateral into a smart contract.
    1. Wallets provide $BLES along with $USDT to mint
    2. After minting, wallets are awarded $NUSD
  2. $NUSD is a synthetic asset that mirrors USD and functions like an algorithmic stablecoin.
  3. $NOAH, Noahswap's native token, has two pairs: NUSD/NOAH and NOAH/USDT
    1. NOAH/USDT trading is available on Coinstore. Soon the NOAH/USDT pair will be added to decentralized exchanges including Uniswap
    2. $NOAH can be staked to earn veNOAH
      1. veNOAH unlocks revenue sharing
      2. grants voting rights

Read more about Noahswap, including APY calculation and the release cycles here.

Strategic Alliance Between Blind Boxes and NoahSwap

The Blind Boxes-NoahSwap partnership represents a unified goal to harness blockchain technology to offer $BLES token holders new methods for asset utilization and value preservation. As this collaboration unfolds, expect to see a trajectory for stability and growth for token holders.

We invite you to be part of this exciting new chapter by staying engaged with Blind Boxes and NoahSwap. Discover the platforms, participate in the minting of $NUSD using $BLES tokens, and be part of the future of Defi. Let's embrace the new utilities, enhanced value, and a realm filled with infinite possibilities!

πŸš€ Stake $BLES + $USDT to mint $NUSD. Start here!

Disclaimer: This post is for informational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. The utility and value propositions discussed are subject to market risks and uncertainties, and token holders should conduct their own research before engaging in any crypto-related activities.

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