Recap of Our AMA with Netvrk

On Tuesday, September 7, our team led by our Co-founder & CEO, Anita Angelica Moore hosted Daniel Kennedy, Communications Lead at Netvrk…

Recap of Our AMA with Netvrk

On Tuesday, September 7, our team led by our Co-founder & CEO, Anita Angelica Moore hosted Daniel Kennedy, Communications Lead at Netvrk for an Ask Me Anything (AMA) in our Blind Boxes OFC Telegram Channel. The focus of this session was to answer questions regarding their much-anticipated land parcel NFT drop on the Blind Boxes Marketplace.

We have recapped some of the main questions and answers from the AMA, which also includes a few pertinent questions from the BLES community.

Anita: Thank you for joining Daniel. Before we jump into Netvrk and the drop occurring on September 8, can you introduce yourself to the $BLES community?

Dan: Hello, I am Dan Kennedy, the Chief Marketing Officer of Netvrk. My background is in marketing and real estate, as well as in the music and entertainment industry.

Our team is comprised of Michael Katseli, who is our CEO. His background is in engineering and game and tech development. Our COO, Linus Chee, has a background in graphics and game design and is a gifted artist himself. Our Lead Advisor is Jonathan Wernick, who is a Chartered Accountant and also has a legal background.

You can view our entire team at

Our team consists of over 30 people at the moment, with varying areas of expertise.

Anita: Can you tell us more about Netvrk as a project?

Dan: Netvrk is a metaverse built on the blockchain, that runs on Unreal Engine. We allow people to monetize their creations, and Play to Earn via NFTs and Virtual Land.

Anita: This “play to earn” framework is certainly on the rise.

Dan: Yes, definitely. We not only allow users to Play to Earn, but also to create their own assets, games, and experiences, and then monetize them. In a sense, it’s a very META Play to Earn concept.

Anita: How does “creating their own assets” work?

Dan: Basically, using our intuitive Netvrk editor, users can seamlessly create their assets and deploy them or list them for sale on the Netvrk Marketplace.

Here’s our teaser video, that shows the creation aspect in action.

Anita: So in simple terms, what problems or frictions does Netvrk aim to address? Essentially, who is this platform for?

Dan: This platform is for everyone. The metaverse and NFTs will be in every aspect of your life before you know it. Great things will be possible.

Anita: We are also quite bullish on the Metaverse

Dan: Everyone wants to be a metaverse nowadays.

It’s a very loose term now, with almost every project trying to brand themselves as a metaverse. We’re working to build a TRUE Metaverse, that connects people, companies, projects, and brands, as well as blockchains.

Anita: Can you tell us about NetVRk’s token? What are the tokenomics and the use cases?

Dan: $NTVRK is our native token and can be used to purchase Virtual Land, pay for games and experiences, as well as assets.

Our full tokenomics are available here:

Here’s a great overview of how Netvrk outclasses the others.

Anita: So can you tell us how digital real estate works? For example, how are land parcels valued and how can they be monetized?

Dan: Virtual Land consists of 5 tiers, outlined in the below graphic.

Virtual Land can be monetized in several ways, including renting your land to another user, setting up a storefront, deploying games and experiences, and much more.

Virtual Land ownership also entitles the owners to revenue share from the Netvrk Marketplace, as well as a share of Netvrk NFT royalties.

Virtual Land ownership is also an integral part of the Netvrk governance system. Landowners have a big say in the Netvrk DAO, and how things are run in the metaverse.

Anita: I believe that this revenue share feature and multiple avenues for monetization will resonate with users. This is going to appeal to investors that want real utility with their NFTs and gaming assets.

100% yes. We are giving users skin in the game, and making them the foundation for the Metaverse. Holding Virtual Land just makes sense. The Sandbox land has done about 800x, and that is with extremely limited utility.

Anita: Have you conducted Virtual Land sales on other platforms?

Dan: Yes, we’ve sold about $9 MILLION in Virtual Land in the last 3 weeks alone. We’ve been surprised ourselves, honestly, by the demand and how well the sales have done. Here is a link recapping the figures:

Anita: Last question. When is the sale on Blind Boxes?

Dan: On Sep 8 @ 17:00 UTC

Below are a few questions asked by the BLES community:

BC: Are you going to run any competitions for people to explore the builder and potentially win land or NFTs etc in the future?

Dan: Of course! There will be contests, competitions, and treasure hunts, along with giveaways.

BC: What makes this platform different from Sandbox or Decentraland ?

Dan: Through our core infrastructure, Unreal Engine, we enable business and education in addition to gaming and socializing. Hence we consider our value proposition more robust.

BC: Will Netvrk be VR headset enabled? Is Netvrk less CPU intensive compared to Decentraland and Sandbox?

Dan: Netvrk is accessible via PC, and VR headsets are supported as well, although not required. Mobile support will be added at a later date.

BC: If I buy a piece of epic land, can I subdivide it later or is the land a fixed size?

Dan: The land is a fixed size. We will enable the ability to subdivide later on.

BC: What is the process to rent land on Netvrk? Do the owners set up a price and a smart contract on the platform executes it?

Dan: Right. We will have a secure mechanism, similar to Axie Infinity’s scholarship program, that will allow for renting of land in a risk-free manner.

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