‘Reparations’ A Provocative Collection by Ivan Brens

History is filled with conquest, bloodshed, and exploitation. The winners write the history books, often omitting the atrocities of the…

‘Reparations’ A Provocative Collection by Ivan Brens

History is filled with conquest, bloodshed, and exploitation. The winners write the history books, often omitting the atrocities of the past. Multifaceted artist Ivan Brens is on a mission to right these wrongs with his thought-provoking art.

Ivan’s latest collection, ‘Reparations’ will be released on Jan 14 on Blind Boxes. His powerful artwork explores the reparation of past atrocities and calls for equality and justice for the colonized countries and their minorities.

This is the second collection the artist has released on Blind Boxes. The first, The Resistance Collection, taps into similar themes using bold vibrant strokes.

About the artist

Ivan was born and raised in the Dominican Republic, where he began his artistic pursuits as a child. A self-taught painter, he experimented with various mediums before formally studying photography and printmaking at the University of Massachusetts, and sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston.

Since then, Ivan’s work has been exhibited at various noteworthy galleries and venues across the United States. His collections ‘New Doors’, ‘Rhythm and Blues’, ‘Mystic Air’, and ‘Sound of Lust’ stand out among his impressive body of work.

Reparation US

One of the pieces in the collection is called Reparation US. It sheds new light on the US $5 bill, portraying the history of slavery and oppression in America. The artwork features an African American in chains as a slave aside President Abraham Lincoln, with the fist of the black power movement in the background. The image can be displayed upside down, to symbolize the Native Americans who have fought for their rights.

Reparation Europe

Another powerful piece in the collection is Reparation Europe. It is a €500 bill that illustrates 500 years of European colonialism.

The bill features a Native American’s face replacing the building image, as Europeans built their wealth on the exploitation of slaves and other resources. The feather on the bill symbolizes the need to change. The fish on the bill symbolizes poverty and what’s left behind by the conqueror.

Ivan’s powerful artwork calls for justice for those who have been victims of exploitation and violence. His work is a powerful reminder that history should never be forgotten.

Ivan joins artists like Itsvolpart, Barbsie, Eva Milkaa, and many others on Blind Boxes. To explore works from these talented artists, visit Blind Boxes.

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