UPDATE: Netvrk Land Sale — Whitelist Confirmations Sent

Previously we announced that we would host a whitelist randomized distribution event for collectors that attempted, but could not fully…

UPDATE: Netvrk Land Sale — Whitelist Confirmations Sent

UPDATE: Netvrk Land Sale — Whitelist Update

Previously we announced that we would host a whitelist randomized distribution event for collectors that attempted, but could not fully participate in the initial Netvrk VR land sale on Blind Boxes earlier this month.

Collectors seeking to opt into the event provided details including, but not limited to wallet addresses, social media handles, and screenshots to verify their participation in the previous event. Each applicant was individually verified by the team.

Based on the results of the verification process we built one new collection of S/M/L Netvrk land parcels valued at 725 / 1925 / 3850 USDC respectively.

  • Lands for the pool were drawn from the remainder of the parcels from the original 310+ Network presale NFTs
  • All remaining large parcels were added to the pool
  • The pools were rebalanced so that the single box price would be as close as possible to the price users originally paid in the initial sale event

Important note: no NFTs that were obtained from compromised collections (i.e. Netvrk — Collection IV) in the original sale will be validated by Netvrk. Users from affected collections should burn those NFTs and follow the opt-in process to receive valid NFTs through the upcoming live event. Users from that sale who paid in full, but have not received a refund will be automatically included in the new distribution.

This photo is for illustrative purposes only.

A few hours ago, the whitelist confirmations were sent. Once payments are finalized, we will announce the timing of the distribution event. We aim to broadcast this event on Saturday September 25, 2021. The timing of the event will depend on the speed at which users who have opted in complete their transactions.

  • Collectors do not be present for the live event
  • If they have been confirmed and they have paid in full, they will receive the quantity of NFTs for which they paid
  • Payment will be accepted in USDC on either Ethereum or Polygon chains
  • Payment details were sent privately to qualified users
  • The deadline to submit payment: Saturday September 25, 2021 @ 17:00 UTC

Stay tuned to our official Telegram channel and Twitter details about this and other NFT drops on Blind Boxes.

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