BLES Box Airdrop Unboxing: Infinite Objects, Creature World NFTs, + More

BLESBox prizes for $BLES stakers: Top 10% get Infinite Objects video prints, rest get Creature World NFTs.

BLES Box Airdrop Unboxing: Infinite Objects, Creature World NFTs, + More
Infinite Objects 

Today we are pumped to unbox the content of our latest BLESBox airdrop contest. We'll also explain how to participate (hint: start with staking $BLES).

As discussed in our previous post, BLESBox airdrop is a recurring event served up especially for active $BLES staking wallets. This round, the top wallets will be #BLESed with stunning collectibles from Infinite Objects and NFTs from the collection "Crowd" by Creature World.

TLDR. The top 10% of verified staking wallets receive physical collectibles of Infinite Objects digital video prints, the remaining wallets meeting the staking threshold will receive one-of-a-kind Creature World NFTs.  All wallets that opt-in and are in fact staking $BLES, receive a BLESBox token, redeemable

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BLES Box Airdrop: Stake to Win Physical + Digital Collectibles

What are Infinite Objects?

Infinite Objects is a platform that offers a unique way to display video art in a physical format. The digital video prints are high-quality screens that display looping video content. They can be mounted on a wall or displayed on a stand, and they come with a certificate of authenticity. Infinite Objects collaborates with a variety of artists and creators to bring their digital art to life in physical form.

Winning wallets will receive a credit that allows the to order a video print be shipped to them.

What is "Crowd" by Creature World?

Crowd is a recently released generative NFT project by Creature World. The parent project, Creature World, is a collection of 10,000 Ethereum-based creatures developed and created by New York City-based artist Danny Cole. On the release date, the whole collection was minted in 11 minutes.

The project has an ambitious roadmap, mainstream appeal, and high-quality physical merch.

Notable sales from the Creature World collection include creature #9492 sold for 36 ETH, creature #6579 sold for 35 ETH, and creature #3408 sold for 30 ETH. While sales figures from the parent collection speak to the strength of the artist's brand, they do not guarantee the success of derivative collections. Do your own research (DYOR).

How to Participate

To participate in the airdrop event, wallets must be staking $BLES and meet the criteria covered here.

GREAT NEWS: The wallet verification period has been extended to allow more users to participate*. The final snapshot will be taken Monday April 24 at 23:59 UTC. Winners will be finalized in the week following the snapshot.

*Since we recently migrated our news site , we learned that some subscribers had been missing our most recent posts. We are providing a final reminder to give everyone a chance to play.


The top 10% of verified staking wallets will receive physical collectibles of Infinite Objects digital video prints. The remaining qualifying wallets will receive one-of-a-kind Creature World NFT. All wallets that are verified will also receive a BLESBox token, which acts as a leaderboard multiplier for future airdrops. Further utility for the BLESBox tokens is expected to be added to these tokens in the future.

Conclusion: Everybody wins

BLESBox's airdrop event is an opportunity for users to earn unique collectibles from Infinite Objects and Creature World. The top 10% of verified staking wallets will receive physical collectibles of Infinite Objects digital video prints, while the remaining stakers will receive one-of-a-kind Creature World NFTs.

All wallets that participate in the verification process get a limited edition BLES NFT. BLES NFTs are generated in small batches and can be traded in or used as multipliers to help wallets move up future leaderboards. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade your NFT collection.

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