Blind Boxes Announces Strategic Partnership with BakerySwap

Blind Boxes partners with Bakeryswap

Blind Boxes Announces Strategic Partnership with BakerySwap

Blind Boxes, the world’s first gamified aggregator for non-fungible tokens is simplifying the minting process for crypto newbies and crypto natives alike through its strategic partnership with some of the best projects in the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.

Hence we are pleased to announce our partnership with BakerySwap, the all-in-one DeFi platform built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) with its built in marketplace and minting mechanism for non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Blind Boxes x BakerySwap

Blind Boxes is onboarding a dynamic cohort of talented creators to drop their collections in curated mystery boxes on their platform. The association helps to streamline the minting process for users. BakerySwap, Blind Boxes’ dedicated third-party BEP-721 token issuance platform, enables NFT creators to mint their creative assets easily and affordably, before they are imported to the Blind Boxes Marketplace.

A key attribute of BakerySwap is its deployment on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) protocol, thus empowering artists and curators to mint NFTs quicker and at a fraction of the gas fees usually associated with other blockchains which ameliorates the user experience.

Says Anita Angelica Moore, co-founder & CEO, Blind Boxes:

“BakerySwap with their NFT marketplace and minting process is a natural fit for us at Blind Boxes. Additionally, they’re built on the BSC protocol, which offers faster transaction throughput and significantly lower gas fees, and hence vastly enhances our artist on-boarding process. We are delighted to partner with them and look forward to a mutually beneficial association.”

In the near future, Blind Boxes will also leverage the BakerySwap platform for auctions and drops by renowned artists which will occur simultaneously on both the platforms.

About BakerySwap

BakerySwap, the first AMM + NFT Exchange, is the all-in-one DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain. Bakery aims to be the reference place for all defi users’ needs, by providing three main services: The AMM (Automatic Market Maker), where users can exchange tokens, stake them or do liquidity farming, currently holds more than $200M in liquidity. The NFT Marketplace, which allows participants to mint or trade artworks and other gamified NFT, providing key features, like bidding or auction. More than +240,000 NFT transactions and +75,000 mintings strengthen their leadership position. And finally, the Launchpad, that provides initial coin offerings from selected quality projects to early investors.






About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified marketplace and launchpad for web 3 projects, offering a platform for artists, brands, influencers, and collectors to launch hyped NFT collections. Our multi-chain ecosystem has been connecting investors with disruptive NFT projects across Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain since 2021.Since 2021 we have enabled savvy investors to participate in initial NFT offerings (INOs), initial game offerings (IGOs), and gamified NFT drops from leading web3 brands, influencers, and celebrities.Our decentralized marketplace combined with $BLES, our publicly traded ecosystem token, provides a Degen-friendly experience for anyone looking to invest in the future of web 3. Join us on this journey of creativity, decentralization, and endless possibilities. #LFG

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