Artist Vang Cki Drops NFT Collection Exclusively On Blind Boxes

Renowned visual artist Vang Cki is dropping his collection on the Blind Boxes marketplace

Artist Vang Cki Drops NFT Collection Exclusively On Blind Boxes

Renowned visual artist and 3D concept designer par excellence, Vang Cki is dropping his collection on the Blind Boxes marketplace. Vang has built a successful career over the past two decades with notable contributions to world class media and gaming projects such as Star Wars, Call of Duty, and the 2019 Netflix production, Love, Death & Robots. His work has also graced prestigious events such as THU in 2016 at Troia, Portugal and the ZBrush Summit in 2017 at Gnomon School in Los Angeles.

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Below are details of his exclusive NFT collection for Blind Boxes:

Anthology fresque

This piece of art depicts a post-apocalyptic world a hundred years from today, where the moon has crashed into the earth, and the last survivors are protecting the secrets of the last century in a guarded fortress called Temple of Souls.

Exoskeleton Walker

A man-made giant creature roaming the earth, built to counter hostile enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.

Galaxy Girl

A woman with limitless superpowers from a different galaxy, whose intentions and ambitions remain hidden behind an enigmatic mask she wears.


Very little is known about the Hacker, a blind yet lethal man with the ability to take control of all forms of robotic technology.


A master strategist, and an artificial intelligence (AI) powered tracker, with the uncanny analytical ability to analyse war-like situations and devise counter attack plans against it.

Soldier from the future

A futuristic design of a noble solder, armed with weapons to take on the enemy.

Soldier figurine

One of the earlier designs from this collection, showcasing a futuristic soldier. This particular piece also inspired Vang Cki to continue on his journey of creating art.

Quadripod canon

The Quadripod canon is an electromagnetic pulse tank that can easily be camouflaged within its surroundings and can traverse the most difficult terrains. The canon is positioned on the outer walls of the fortress, ready to fire upon the enemy.

Androida Tech 1 and Androida Tech 2

Androida Tech 1 and 2 were created to bridge the relationship between man and machine, and to elevate the lives of humans in a dystopian world.

To learn more about Vang Cki, follow his work on Instagram @vangcki and Twitter @ckivang.

Visit his website at

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