The Santanu Hazarika Collection is Live on Blind Boxes

The  Santanu Hazarika Collection is Live on Blind Boxes

Today we're stoked to announce that the Santanu Hazarika Collection is now live, exclusively on our platform. This collection arises through our collaboration with TheUpsideSpace.

To be as inclusive as possible, we have paved the way for dozens of different currencies, from $BLES, to $MATIC, to $USD to be used to participate in this sale. Each Polygon-based NFT from this collection is an airdrop pass which grants its possessor:

  • One free airdrop of an Ethereum-based NFT created by the artist
  • One MP4 and a physical canvas (for select editions)
  • One randomly allocated $BLES bonus airdrop

Visit the mint page to get started.

To minimize gas fees for buyers, these limited edition 1:1 collectibles will be sold on the Polygon blockchain. These NFTs grant the owner one corresponding free airdrop of the Ethereum based NFT. In other words, This Polygon-based NFT acts as an airdrop pass for the Ethereum-based NFT. This NFT must be burned in order to redeem the final NFT and full-scale MP4 file.

Youtube - Santanu Hazarika's NFT Launch on Blind Boxes ($BLES)

Santanu Hazarika: Collection Preview

Santanu Hazarika is Coming to Blind Boxes

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