Ninaad Kothawade AMA – Winners Announced

Congratulations to the users who submitted the top questions in our recent video AMA with Ninaad Kothawade. #BLESAMA

Ninaad Kothawade AMA – Winners Announced

At Blind Boxes, we aim to highlight visionary artists and foster a community spirit among the curious. In our recent interview with Ninaad Kothawade, we explored topics ranging from Artificial Intelligence to mental health among digital creators.

After releasing our initial interview, we urged the Blind Boxes community to engage with the video interview and subsequently pose insightful follow-up questions. We then compiled and sifted through all the comments that featured the contest hashtag string (#BLESAMA @blindboxes_io @ninaadkothawade @TheUpsideSpace).

In the end, Ninaad selected the top three responses on Twitter to the video. Kudos to the winners, who will receive an airdrop of 6000 $BLES per comment/question. #nice  

Check your Twitter inbox for a note from the official Blind Boxes Twitter account with instructions on how to redeem your reward.

Let’s jump right in to check out the winning questions.

Winner 1

In his opinion, AI offers an entry point to the artistic process, presenting tools and styles that might have been out of reach before. Although this widens the range of possibilities, it can also become overwhelming because of the lack of limitations.

Reward: 6000 $BLES

Winner 2

It sparks many questions regarding the perception of art and the method of its production. The once-prominent barrier of skill and craft is now diminished, placing a premium on unique ideas. Ninaad's latest creations explore this dynamic and the anxieties it brings.

Reward: 6000 $BLES

Winner 3

Reward: 6000 $BLES

Wrapping up …

Ninaad Kothawade's answers gave us insight into his path, his distinctive creative method, and his aspirations for the future of his art. We are excited to introduce Ninaad's exclusive collection on Blind Boxes soon.

Ninaad Kothawade: Collection Preview

Ninaad Kothawade  is Coming to Blind Boxes

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