Blind Boxes Partners with P2E Gaming Platform X-CODE

Blockchain gaming's play-to-earn trend swept the world in 2021. Now, Blind Boxes partners with XCODEINFINITY to expand the play-to-earn games available in their marketplace. This benefits both companies and offers gamers more exciting options to earn rewards while playing.

Blind Boxes Partners with P2E Gaming Platform X-CODE

Play-to-earn took the world by storm in 2021 with the rise of blockchain gaming. Now, Blind Boxes is teaming up with XCODEINFINITY to bring new play-to-earn games to the Blind Boxes marketplace.

Through this partnership, XCODEINFINITY's popular games will reach an even broader audience, benefiting both companies. XCODEINFINITY will gain exposure to a larger user base, while Blind Boxes will be able to offer its users even more thrilling play-to-earn games. However, the real winners are gamers worldwide, who now have additional opportunities to earn rewards while playing their favorite games.


As a $BLES investor or project supporter, you'll appreciate that X-CODE is a standout play-to-earn company. They apply lean organization management techniques to all their projects, with a team possessing extensive experience in technology and risk management. X-CODE leverages Kaizen principles in their product development workflows, meaning their games are continually improving and evolving, providing maximum rewards to the most skilled players.

X-CODE has found the perfect partner in Blind Boxes, as we share the same vision of making play-to-earn games accessible to all. We're thrilled to offer X-CODE's popular games to our users, and we look forward to a prosperous future for this partnership.

Check out Halfday, X-CODE’s first release

Halfday is a game featuring a metaworld that allows players to trade-in units for resources to engage in various economic activities, including manufacturing. With Halfday, players can look forward to an immersive gaming experience that blurs the lines between virtual and real-world economics.

Start here to demo Halfday:

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X-CODE GAMES allows gamers all around the world to participate in a variety of blockchain-based games while also earning a continuous and significant revenue. There are two kinds of games in their system: HALFHOUR seasonal games and HALFDAY. They connect them together with their NFT system.

The CODE token is a crucial component of the X-CODE Games play-to-earn system. It allows for access to all of the games in the ecosystem as well as a mechanism for rewarding the most skilled players.

About Blind Boxes

Blind Boxes is a gamified curation platform and launchpad for NFTs (non-fungible tokens). This highly scalable dApp enables brands and creators to diversify their revenue streams, increase the liquidity of their creative assets, and become leaders in decentralized global economies while engaging fans and buyers to discover and collect rare, limited edition NFTs.

Via the Blind Boxes Marketplace, buyers experience the thrill of time-released curated NFT collections. Collectors virtually unbox exclusive items, curated by tastemakers across art, music, sports, and entertainment. Curation is at the core of our value proposition. The platform offers a commission structure that incentivizes independent contributors to curate blind box collections that feature top-tier talent, emerging artists, and designers from around the world.

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