Santanu Hazarika is Coming to Blind Boxes

This collaboration is poised to offer an immersive journey that reshapes our understanding of the art world.

Santanu Hazarika is Coming to Blind Boxes
Santanu Hazarika

We're thrilled to announce that doodle prodigy and web 3 pioneer, Santanu Hazarika, is slated to launch a highly-anticipated NFT collection on Blind Boxes. Santanu has been at the forefront of India's NFT movement, with his past collaborations selling out in mere seconds.

Soon, we'll be revealing detailed insights surrounding his gamified release on our platform. But first, let's first get to know the creator.


Get to know Santanu Hazarika

Santanu is a multidisciplinary creator and pioneer in India's NFT movement, with his collaborative NFT with Ritviz selling out in just 37 seconds. His portfolio boasts high profile collaborations with giants like Adidas, Reebok, Porsche, Budweiser, Lenovo, Red Bull, Dust of Gods, Chivas, Dewars and Levi’s, among others.

He also has worked with massive stars and labels including Lil Baby, Divine, Major Lazer, Gully Gang, Raftaar, Ritviz. His forthright personality and commitment to teaching have culminated in a substantial and highly engaged social media following, and a devoted fanbase.

Cover for Major Lazor + Nucleya’s mix, ‘Jadi Buti’

His creativity traverses domains: from teaming up with the Rajasthan Royals, to bestowing his artistic signature onto buses and limited-edition sneakers. Hailing from Assam, Santanu Hazarika isn't just a celebrated artist, but also a notable public figure, and the founder of the Guwahati Art Initiative.


Santanu, who rose to global acclaim after winning the inaugural Red Bull World Doodle Art Championship, has consistently made his mark in visual art scenes and celebrity circles alike. From curating and exhibiting art on a global scale to facilitating workshops in Siberia's heartland, Santanu exemplifies the spirit of a self-reliant, self-taught artist, continuously expanding the boundaries of his creativity.
Check out this clip from a collaboration with Chivas to create a super limited collection of custom Air Force 1s.


A Milestone TheUpsideSpace x Blind Boxes Collaboration

This news arises from the recently announced collaboration between Blind Boxes, the world's first gamified web 3 launchpad, and TheUpsideSpace, the curator-led digital arts platform spotlighting artistic talents from Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the Middle East. Our joint mission is to leverage decentralized technologies to bridge cultures while carving out vibrant, and inclusive spaces in the digital art community.

As a platform that specializes in connecting disruptive NFT projects with investors and collectors, we are delighted to host Hazarika's collection. In partnership with TheUpsideSpace, co-founded by the esteemed Lisa Rani Ray and Ayesha Khan, we aim to push the boundaries of the intersection between traditional and digital art, making it more immersive and accessible to global audiences.

Santanu embodies the intersection of creativity and the endless possibilities of web 3. We celebrate innovators and pioneers throughout our ecosystem, and eagerly look forward to introducing his work to the $BLES community.

- Anita Angelica Moore, CEO Blind Boxes  

Santanu Hazarika links
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About TheUpside Space

TheUpsideSpace is a curator-led digital arts platform that spotlights artistic expressions from Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Middle East. The platform works with esteemed curators and artist towards the mission of building a thriving creative ecosystem of art enthusiasts, new audiences, existing collectors and artists from untapped geographies in one place.

Since the start of the year, TheUpsideSpace has had a footing and presence in both major physical art activations such as the Art Dubai, Mumbai Gallery Weekend, and the Singapore Art Week; as well as digital platforms such as Spatial and OnCyber and other forthcoming collaborations.

TheUpsideSpace has also been featured widely in media outlets such as Marie Claire Arabia, Khaleej Times, Vogue, Yahoo! Finance and more. TheUpsideSpace believes that NFTs and blockchain are the tools of our vision: Curating Limitless Possibilities.

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