Santanu Hazarika AMA – Winners Announced

Here we announce the winners and provide some context around the creator's responses.

Santanu Hazarika AMA –  Winners Announced

At Blind Boxes, we strive to spotlight on visionary artists and foster a sense of community among the curious. In our recent video interview with Santanu Hazarika, we delved into his journey toward global recognition and explored his views in the realm of AI. After posting our candid interview with Santanu, we invited the Blind Boxes community Twitter, Telegram, and Instagram to actively engage and post follow-up questions.

We then compiled all comments featuring the contest hashtags: #BLESAMA @blindboxes_io @suprsanta @theUpsideSpace. Ultimately, the artist himself handpicked the most intriguing questions, each of which earned a personalized response PLUS a bounty of 6000 $BLES per question, for the asker. #nice

Winners should keep a look out in their Twitter DMs for a message from us (@blindboxes_io) on how to claim their bounty.

Let’s jump right in to check out the winning questions + responses.

Winner 1: Shubham (@patilshubz2930)

Exploring Santanu’s massive communities across Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, it becomes evident that his magnetic appeal emanates from his capacity to venture into various artistic avenues without restraint. He resists the confines of a single artistic medium or communication channel. Instead, he nurtures a community by imparting knowledge, mentoring, and generously sharing his limitless creativity.

Reward: 6000 $BLES

Winner 2:  Ratan (@unemployedfully)

Santanu provides insights into his roadmap, revealing that he intends to launch new artworks towards the end of 2023. To show appreciation to the Genesis NFT holders, he plans to distribute physical signed numbered art pieces. This gesture underscores his commitment to rewarding and valuing his dedicated supporters.

His creative process is enriched by AI tools such as Midjourney. He leverages these tools to incubate ideas, generate prompts, and translate concepts into visually captivating artworks that resonate with his audience.

Reward: 12000 $BLES

Winner 3: CryptoLover (@Harriet_kkk)

Santanu's rise stems from authentic engagement, strategic collaborations, and a robust social media presence. Yet at its core, his success grows from his willingness to experiment and seize every opportunity that comes his way. He goes on to note that the earnings from his artistic endeavors have often been reinvested into acquiring NFTs created by his friends, a move that fosters a spirit of collaboration across the web 3 community.

Reward: 12000 $BLES

Wrapping up….

The questions posed by participants revealed an earnest thirst for knowledge and a shared passion for the world of art and NFTs. Santanu Hazarika's responses provided a glimpse into his journey, his unique approach to creativity, and his vision for the future of his craft. We look forward to launching Santanu’s highly limited collection on Blind Boxes in the coming weeks.

Santanu Hazarika: Collection Preview
Santanu Hazarika is Coming to Blind Boxes

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