Blockchain Cuties x Blind Boxes Exclusive NFT Drop

Blockchain Cuties x Blind Boxes Exclusive NFT Drop

Blockchain Cuties (BCC) is an adventure-themed crypto game where users collect and breed a robust universe of fantasy creatures. Since partnering with this project in April, we have been eagerly anticipating their drop on our platform. For this collection, BCC has created bespoke, and utterly adorable BLES-themed Cuties.

Here are details about the collection drop.

Ellie The Artist:

This digital artist has been super busy creating the next work of art that will be a topic of conversation and analyzed for generations! Ellie has been working as a high-end professional digital artist for years and has managed to set herself up for life. Now she is in pursuit of a creation that would transcend time and will leave a mark in Cutie history. What is that work only time will tell.

Ellie The Artist

Art Curator Janet:

Janet has been in the art world for decades and is the voice of the art community. Now that the art has transcended into a whole new form of NFTs, she can’t stop going through the works wherever she is! It’s so easy to access art now! You can do it on your phone, computer and even watch some of it done live! What an age to live in!

Art Curator Janet

Lizzy Steve:

Dripped out and ready to roll! Steve is always on the prowl for the next new hype thing. Hop on and follow along! It’s a wild ride in the NFT world!

Lizzy Steve

Gatto The Philosopher:

Gatto is one of the rarest kinds of Cuties out there — a philosopher. There aren’t many who ponder the world anymore as the world has gone into overdrive. Who has the time to gaze into the stars anymore? But Gatto is making it his life’s work to study the realities of Cutieland and help the sciences to grasp the metaphysical wonders of this world.

Gatto The Philosopher

More about BCC

Blockchain Cuties Universe augments the soaring popularity of video games with its in-game economy feature, by facilitating the trade of cuties in the form of NFTs. A cutie owner can send their unique pet on different adventures or battles, strengthening their skills and empowering them to earn rewards, thus increasing their value in the marketplace. Users can also create unique cuties by breeding a specific gene set with another to create a new, one-of-its-kind tradeable cutie.

Instagram: @blockchaincuties

Twitter: @blockchaincutie