Ninaad Kothawade is Coming to Blind Boxes

Ninaad Kothawade is Coming to Blind Boxes

We are excited to introduce Ninaad Kothawade, a 3D artist who wields a unique blend of art and tech to create pieces laced with surreal minimalism. His themes revolve around diverse topics ranging from mental health to humor. Ninaad's art has been exhibited internationally in over 15+ shows, including at Art Dubai, NFT NYC, and Singapore Art Week. Ready to expand his creative horizons, Ninaad is delving deeper into the Web3 universe through launching a collection on Blind Boxes. Before we outline the details of his launch this June, let’s learn more about this creator.

Ninaad Kothawade, a unique confluence of art and tech

A master of his craft, Ninaad is more than just an artist. His work has earned him prestigious accolades, including the Adobe Top Talent in Illustration award and a feature as one of the 20 designers under 30 by DesignxDesign.

Ninaad's artistic prowess extends beyond mere aesthetics. His tech-forward approach, combined with his creative aptitude, results in art pieces that demonstrate a distinct fusion of AI and 3D techniques.


NFT Asia: empowering artists on a global scale

As the Creative Director of NFT Asia, Ninaad plays a pivotal role in promoting and championing Asian artists on an international platform. His leadership and mentorship offer these gifted individuals a springboard to broaden their artistic horizons. Having been engaged in the Web3 and NFT sphere since 2021, Ninaad is currently spearheading NFT Asia's vision, a community devoted to empowering and showcasing Asian artists to a global audience.

Stay tuned for the collection on Blind Boxes

Ninaad's imminent collection on Blind Boxes is set to offer a fresh perspective, pushing boundaries and stimulating thought. Keep an eye out for the launch of his interactive NFT collection on Blind Boxes in June.

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