The Ninaad Kothawade NFT Collection is Live on Blind Boxes

The Ninaad Kothawade NFT Collection is Live on Blind Boxes

Today we're stoked to announce that the Ninaad Kothawade NFT Collection is now live, exclusively on our platform. This collection arises through our collaboration with TheUpsideSpace. To minimize gas fees for buyers, these limited edition 1:1 collectibles will be sold on the Polygon blockchain. These NFTs grant the owner one corresponding free airdrop of the Ethereum based NFT.

In other words, This Polygon-based NFT acts as an airdrop pass for the Ethereum-based NFT. This NFT must be burned in order to redeem the final NFT and full-scale MP4 and/or JPEG files.

To be as inclusive as possible, we have paved the way for dozens of different currencies, from $BLES, to $MATIC, to $USD to be used to participate in this sale.

Each Polygon-based NFT from this collection is an airdrop pass which grants its possessor:

  • One free airdrop of an Ethereum-based NFT created by the artist
  • One MP4 or JPEG
  • One randomly allocated $BLES bonus airdrop

Visit the mint page to get started.

Art Meets Technology

Ninaad Kothawade, a visionary 3D artist, masterfully melds art and technology to craft pieces imbued with surreal minimalism. His creations traverse an eclectic spectrum of themes, encompassing everything from mental health to humor. With over 15 international exhibitions, including prestigious showcases at Art Dubai, NFT NYC, and Singapore Art Week, Ninaad's work has captivated audiences worldwide.

The Creative Unveiling

This collection marks Ninaad's venture into the world of Web3, where art, innovation, and blockchain converge. "Consume," one of his standout pieces, delves into the complexities of creativity intertwined with technology. Starting with a self-portrait, it vividly illustrates how technology can both enhance and erode the creative process, provoking reflections on beauty amid chaos.

Finally, an Ethereum NFT Drop with minimal fees

In a bid to enhance the user experience, we've opted to create "Airdrop mint passes" on the Polygon network. This strategic choice significantly reduces transaction fees for our valued users while providing exclusive access to an Ethereum-based NFT crafted by the artist. Additionally, you'll receive a full-scale MP4 or JPEG file. To claim the final assets the Polygon NFT must undergo a simple burning process.

Join the Journey

To participate in this immersive experience, we encourage you to use various payment methods, including $BLES, Fiat, $ETH, or $MATIC. Don't miss the chance to embark on this extraordinary journey of creativity, decentralization, and endless possibilities.

Join us in celebrating the Ninaad Kothawade NFT Collection and explore the surreal world of art, technology, and blockchain today!

Stay tuned for more updates and future drops.

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Ninaad Kothawade  is Coming to Blind Boxes

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