Noahswap AMA: How to use BLES to Mint NUSD for Defi Earning 🚀

Noahswap AMA: How to use BLES to Mint NUSD for Defi Earning 🚀

Join us for an AMA with NoahSwap, the world's first crypto asset compounding platform. During this live event, the Noahswap team will outline insights that could transform your approach to DeFi. This is your chance to learn about new passive income-generating strategies and gear up for the financial revolution.

Keeping with our tradition of rewarding our community, for this event we are divvying out a prize pool of $BLES and $USDT worth $150.

Can't make the live event? Review the transcript and submit questions on Twitter until Feb 25, 2024. Questions during the live event and those submitted will all be considered for the competition.

AMA rules: Be sure to use the following tags (just copy and paste): $BLES, @blindboxes_io, @noahswap. Also ensure that you are following Blind Boxes on Twitter, Telegram, and Tik Tok.

AMA Details

  • Date: Thursday, Feb 22, 2024
  • Time: 11:00 AM GMT
  • Where: Blind Boxes Telegram Channel
  • AMA rules: Tweet questions using hashtags listed above, follow Blind Boxes and Noahswap on Twitter, Telegram, and Tik Tok

The Spotlight of the AMA

  • Expert Discussion: Delve into the strategy behind minting NUSD with $BLES on Noahswap.
  • Visionary Leaders: Connect with Anita Angelica Moore, CEO of Blind Boxes, and Carrot from Noahswap
  • Rewards: Engage for a chance to grab $50 in $BLES tokens and your share of $100 USDT!

Experience the Synergy

Our union with Noahswap is more than a partnership; it's a revolution in the making. Read more about our journey together and come prepared to explore:

  • How our integrated platforms will revolutionize your DeFi experience
  • The exciting prospects for $BLES holders within Noahswap's robust ecosystem

Celebrating Our Collaboration

Recently, we unveiled our strategic alliance with Noahswap, as highlighted in our last announcement. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of DeFi and creating value for our users.

Get Involved to Win

  1. Join and Win: Be active in the AMA to possibly win $50 in $BLES tokens or a part of $100 USDT for your successful NUSD minting
  2. Missed the event, no problem: submit questions via Twitter using #BLESAMA for up to 48 hours following the event
  3. Inquire and Discover: This is the perfect platform to satisfy your curiosity about our collaboration's impact on the DeFi landscape

Be There or Be Square

Make sure to be part of this informative session by joining us on Telegram:

Mint $NUSD with $BLES

Take the first step in minting NUSD with $BLES: here

Amplify Our Message

Share our journey, use the hashtag #BLESAMA $BLES #noahswap #AssetReinvestment #LiveEvent #AMA, and let's get the digital world talking!

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