Kunel Gaur to launch an NFT collection on Blind Boxes

Kunel Gaur to launch an NFT collection on Blind Boxes

Kunel Gaur, a visionary designer and founder of a leading creative agency, is set to debut a collection on Blind Boxes. Before we delve into the specifics of the Blind Boxes launch, let's explore the creative journey of this distinguished creator. Kunel nurtures a unique visual aesthetic, influenced by functional design and the Brutalist design movement.

Kunel's creative process is fueled by the distillation of his ideas as well as discovered sensibilities.  Using architectural substances such as wood, concrete, resin, and metal, he explores reconstruction as a tool for uncovering novel interpretations. His work often incorporates written expressions, seamlessly blending elements of prose and poetry.


From Kunel's perspective, even commonplace materials like shopping labels and packaging hold the potential to weave a broader narrative. His work has been featured on global platforms including Hypebeast, Pattern, Icographica, Vogue, Colossal, Bored Panda, Picame, and Fubiz, among others.

Kunel serves as the co-founder and CEO of AR.IVAL, a location-specific, augmented reality platform headquartered in Toronto. AR.IVAL aims to bridge the gap between creators, brands, collectors, and aficionados.

Its recent collaborations include Kanye West’s 'jeen-yuhs' and Nike.

Kunel is the brainchild behind Animal, an autonomous creative agency. Animal was recently recognised by Adweek as one of the top 100 rapidly expanding agencies worldwide. Beginning as a design studio, Kunel has steered Animal towards becoming a comprehensive creative agency, servicing startups and Fortune 100 companies in fields such as digital marketing, social media, branding, apparel, among others.

In 2016, he initiated INDIANAMA, a non-profit platform that compiles the contemporary Indian aesthetic. For four years, he curated projects collaborating with over 70 artists annually, creating narratives that revolve around the past, present, and future of India and Indian design. This project has made appearances at esteemed events like the London Design Festival, TEDx, and most recently, Jerusalem Design Week.

Stay tuned for the collection on Blind Boxes

Kunel’s imminent collection on Blind Boxes is set to offer a fresh perspective, pushing boundaries and stimulating thought. Keep an eye out for the launch of his interactive NFT collection on Blind Boxes in June.

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